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Deltagelse udsat til 2011

Her vil komme lidt om Kent Møllers deltagelse i Barkley 100 miles den 27. marts 2010.

100 miles fordelt over 5 omgange af 20 miles. Tidsgrænsen er 60 timer.

Løbets uofficielle hjemmeside:

Men først lige en forsmag på hvad der venter ham.

Dave Harper som har skrevet ovenstående har følgende baggrund:


Athletic Background
6 Ironman distance triathlons(2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run), 
7  100 mile or more runs and and 35 plus ultra trail runs (over 30 miles)
3 time in a row Badwater 135 Ultramarathon Finisher  ( the first of which was 10 days after completing the Western States 100 mile run)





På Barkley maillisten har jeg fået denne mail:


Well, I don't know why anyone is worried. laz says that the new course is not any harder than the old one. He knows the new course and I don't, so who am I to say?

With regard to the old course, one loop is like a difficult 50 miler, say Superior Trail. If you can finish a rugged 50 mile trail race without any aid or course markings in 13:20, and you know how to use a map and compass in the fog, and you can tell the difference between a hollow tree with a book in it from a hollow tree without a book in it, then you can finish a loop.

Two loops is like a mountainous 100 mile race, like Leadville. In 1995 I ran 2 loops unofficially in 29:45 in perfect weather, clear skies and 50's. Later that year I ran Leadville in 29:49 in freezing rain all day. (Usually the weather is reversed). The cutoff for 2 loops is 26:40. If you can run Leadville in 26:40 then you can run 2 loops. Of course this was before Stallion Mt., Fyke's Peak, Testicle Spectacle, Pig Head Trail, and the Hump. But that doesn't mean the course is any harder now. At least that's what laz said each time a new feature was added. There might have been just a tad more climbing, but nothing significant.

Three loops is like Hardrock. If you look at the times of various fun run finishers and compare with their Hardrock times, you will find they are about the same. If you can finish Hardrock in 40 hours then you can finish a fun run. Of course a fun run is still a DNF. If you can finish Hardrock in 36 hours then you can keep going and the bugler will remain silent for now.

More than 3 loops is like an event you made up yourself because no race director would ever be sadistic enough to come up with an equivalent challenge. Examples would be climbing all 54 Colorado 14ers in 10 days, or traversing 14 14ers in 60 hours, or setting speed records on various very long trails like the Appalachian. Whatever it is, it would also involve creating or adding your own rules in order to set the standard, because so few others would even think to do such a thing. If that's you, then you can finish the Barkley 100.

But that was on the old course. Who am I to say the new course is going to be 2 hours slower per loop, just because there is a tad more climbing?

 -- Matt Mahoney,

Duul | 8000 Århus C - Denmark